What the F*** is Reiki?!

More than half the time that I have mentioned I practice Reiki, I have been met with an expression of mixed skepticism and confusion, accompanied by a nod and an ‘ah!…erm…what IS Reiki?’

The first time I heard of Reiki was when a colleague mentioned she’d just had a session, and that the therapists hands had been ‘freakishly hot’. When I myself used the above mentioned facial expressions and question, she explained it was ‘energy healing’. I still didn’t have a clue but as a person with a natural inclination and attraction towards anything remotely spiritual, occult, mysterious or different; I looked it up and loved the ‘idea’ of it, without really understanding.

Over time I kept coming across people who had ‘done reiki’ or knew someone who practiced or experienced it. Reiki is just one of those things that seeks you out if you require it, or vice versa, and are spiritually beginning to open up.

No that’s not my explanation of what it is; explaining it has been a challenge for me. Not only because of my contradictory character; I am fairly skeptic and practical in many ways believe it or not, but mainly because of it’s nature. Like most things in life, it can not be truly known until it is experienced in a non-theoretical or intellectualised way, and because Reiki (spiritual/life energy) flows through everything and everything is Reiki; it can not be pinned down and dissected or labelled.

So as it stands, the best explanations of Reiki tend to be more like story-telling and analogies, such is the nature of all things invisible to the naked eye.
In the end, I believe it is easiest to look at life situations where Reiki has been more obviously involved.

  • walking into a home you’re considering buying or renting and just ‘feeling’ something is right or not right.
  • feeling down or upset and receiving great comfort from someones genuinely caring hand touching your shoulder, or a hug.
  • a crying baby being soothed by physical contact.
  • getting goosebumps and feeling more relaxed when a cat lies warm and purring on your lap.
  • the contagious good mood someone near you is in that lifts your spirits.

All of these scenarios involve the transference of Reiki from one thing to another, that is essentially the re-connecting of the same energy, as it all comes from the same source.
As I am big on analogies I’ll throw an odd one in for you. Reiki is like a smartphone; when it’s balanced all it’s functions are intact, it’s being used for it’s main purpose of communication via phonecalls and the odd message, and the battery is lasting well. Occasionally though, the smartphone gets bogged down and blocked with apps, instant messaging, internet, e-mails, and it is everywhere at once connecting with everyone at once, even over candlelit dinners and during conversations. Eventually it needs to chill or it will break down and the battery will die quickly…it needs to either be recharged, cleaned up, re-booted, fixed or switched off for a bit to give it a moments peace…and that moment of peace is in effect, the Reiki treatment.

The blocked energy within you is reconnected with another carrier of energy and you are given a moment of peace to balance everything out. Reiki is purely a system devised to focus the energy and direct it to where it needs to go, and the practitioner aids this process by placing their hands on various areas of the body while in this focused state.
No hocus-pocus there.
If that hasn’t clarified anything then I suggest trying it out for yourselves!!


4 thoughts on “What the F*** is Reiki?!

  1. Hi!

    I am a reiki practitioner, who aspires to seek a way to comfort the Western/scientific community about the definition of reiki. However, much like you and all other people attracted to reiki, it is quite difficult for me to thoroughly explain its nature for others. However, I did enjoy your post and think that you’ve explained it rather well! Thanks for sharing our experience 🙂

    – Joyce

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and have worked with several different teachers in an effort to fully understand what seemed so obscure in the beginning. I like to teach it from a really well-rounded perspective so that my students don’t go have to go through the same missunderstandings I did…which actually ended up being a blessing because I learned so much. It’s nice to hear other’s perspective!

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