A Warrior

A warrior– Balanced of mind, body and soul.

Using and respecting the body, mind and soul as a temple. Using and respecting surroundings as the setting for the temples prime location. Ensuring all areas are solid and strong and never overlooked; no dust settled, no stone unturned and no hinge un-oiled.

A warrior– Knowing how and when to be selfish in order to be a progressive and positive force for the bigger picture.
Refraining from being selfish to oneself by harming the temple with a negative and overly introspective mind-frame, thus destroying the balance.

A warrior– Knowing the importance of regeneration and reparation.
Always ensuring the temple is fully restored when needed, so that all tasks are given the desired attention and all moments are lived out completely with optimum efficiency.
Delegating, compromising and at times sacrificing any trivial or unnecessary elements- in order to maximize potential in the long run. Being able to pick out the unnecessary.
Knowing the temple should be cleansed, repaired and used well on a regular basis; allowing for positive energies, strength and focus to be used to it’s full potential in the various battles it will encounter.
Refraining from the self-destruction and dilapidation of the temple.

A warrior– Knowing how brief the moment may or may not be.
Ensuring that the moments are lived out within a temple of top condition, so that the right decisions can be made with complete clarity of mind, body and soul.

A warrior- Understanding the basic principles of yin and yang.
Knowing that balance can not be obtained by limiting oneself to either black or white alone, but by intertwining a combination of both, so that one does not outweigh the other.

A warrior– Knowing never to rely solely and implicitly in the foundations of the temple so that opponents’ strengths are underestimated.
Knowing that enemies can teach, thus understanding that lessons can be learned from the unlikeliest situations and that there is always room for improvement.
Always demonstrating respect and a willingness to constantly improve and expand. Allowing for change, so that negative or inutile patterns are not repeated.
Gaining knowledge and treasure from undervalued or unexpected sources, that are overlooked by the ignorance of others, and thus gaining in battle.

A warrior- Recognizes other warriors in their many guises, shapes, forms and missions.


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