30 Day Challenge Here I Come!

Screw Work Let's Play 30 Day Challenge

So I’ve taken on the 30 day challenge to get this blog where I’d like it to be, along with a bunch of other like minded-people with their own projects, who all needed some motivation and a little push to get the ball rolling.

We’ve all embarked upon this adventure, whereby our projects/fantasies/fun ideas become a reality, and we have 30 days to play around with these ideas until we have something concrete and inspirational to show by the end of it.

The biggest motivation for me so far it seems is having to have something to show for it. It brings me back to the days of college deadlines, which is not a bad thing; some of the creative courses I’ve been on in the past allowed me to push boundaries and produce some of my most creative work when I had deadlines.

My idea of making this blog a space of reflection, ideas, motivation and research on anything and everything that involves feeling better and helping us all to feel more alive, is exactly what the 30 day challenge is trying to do for us all, only using a different method. Looking around at some of the ideas on this project I see so many people wanting to create similar outcomes, everybody wants to feel better!! So I feel like I can’t go wrong here as long as I’m passionate about the whole process.

I had started a basic blog space in the past and found that the internet and information technology frustrated me greatly, and still does, I just wasn’t feeling inspired by it and so it sat, waiting to come alive. The 30 day challenge has been a blessing, just having support, daily targets and that constant ‘kick up the bum’ has got my ideas flowing more freely.

I hope this blog offers a little something to anyone who visits, feedback is most welcome, I appreciate any constructive criticism, ideas and positive contributions.

I can’t wait to watch this grow!!

Find out more about the guys hosting the 30 day challenge: www.screwworkletsplay.com


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