An important lesson.

It’s so easy to bog the mind down with negativity.

What we often don’t realise is that it’s just as easy to pick the mind back up again…no really, it is!

The problem we have is with patience, seeing as we are living in a society of speed and convenience. The moment of ‘switch’ from negativity to positivity is instant, it’s a moment of inspiration or a sign, even a comment made, but it’s the length of time in getting there, that is difficult to bare because we want things NOW; yet we don’t know how to live in the NOW!

If we became more conscious and more present, it wouldn’t take so long, because we’d catch ourselves in the middle of negativity much quicker. We all know that the faster we try to go, the more we seem to slow down.

I learnt all of this by experience on Monday bank holiday. I met my sister for a lovely lunch, ironically I chose to eat fish just before heading to the London Aquarium with her.

We’d been given free tickets and decided it would be a good idea to use them, not bothering to think about the fact that on a bank holiday Monday it would be packed. We got there to be greeted with long queues and a heaving mass of prams and hyper active kids, and it was raining, thank goodness we had the tickets on us which meant only a 15 minute queuing time, as opposed to an hour for others.

I lost count of the amount of times my heels were trodden on by pram wheels and stompy children’s feet; even the movement through the aquarium was intensely slow and you had to wait patiently for your turn to see each attraction.

It was through a stressed and grumbling mother that I was able to become aware of myself in the now, so thank you moany lady for being my ‘sign’!

I had been grumbling myself; not miserably, but none the less grumbling about the amount of kids and prams, and why did they all decide to come out with their kids on a bank holiday, and how bad mannered are some of these people, and what kind of values were they teaching their kids these days…?!

Yes I was the princess of grumble until the queen of grumble decided to go into a tirade while walking behind me and my sister. She exclaimed in anger to her small bewildered child ‘Let’s move on now, everyone is crowding around the glass, taking pictures and not moving along so no one else can have a look, it’s very rude and very unfair…’ she went on like this for a while in a harassed tone of voice and I remember thinking ‘Oh shut up you moany old cow! People have the right to stop and look , they’ve paid good money for it too so wait your turn like they did!’.

That’s when I stopped my thoughts in their tracks, and thought oh dear, I must sound like a milder version of that! I instantly decided I did not want to be like that woman, and that I should spend time focussing less on the people and more on what I came to see. I am all for expressing opinions, but not dragging them out into a pointless and negative tirade.

That’s how I know the moment of switch is instant, not difficult at all and if you patiently look around you’ll find reason to be positive somewhere, hidden even in the darkest corners. I became instantly appreciative of the day and it’s gifts, I was spending quality time with my sister, I had a delicious lunch, I had FREE tickets! I was not lumbered with a pram and annoying children, and I had the whole bank holiday day ahead to do with as I pleased. Funny enough I found it much easier to wait my turn, my turns started to come a lot quicker, and when I did get my turn I got to see some beautiful sea life and enjoyed my day!


One thought on “An important lesson.

  1. Great lesson! I’m currently having a similar epiphany in my life at the moment, it’s true, there is a silver lining always! :-*

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