You attract what surrounds you…

Everything we let into our lives is a reflection of us. We attract things and are attracted to things like moths to a flame, and this applies to objects too, to people and to situations; to everything.

I understand the laws of attraction from a deep place in my gutt, my inner being, or my soul (delete as applicable) but like many, I struggle with implementing it. Imagine your inner natural instincts surrounded by a swarm of bees, a thick layer upon layer of buzzing, stinging bees. Those bees are years of habits and conditioned beliefs that you’ve carried with you all your life, breaking away from the familiar pain of  those stings and the comforting warmth of the bee blanket, is to break away from everything you know, and it is not an easy task. Everytime you attempt something new, something outside of that, that you could possibly really want and be happy with…a scared buzzing bee attempts to defend its territory by stinging you and putting you back in your ‘place’.

When you start listening to a different kind of sound in your head that can block out the buzzing and when you’ve immunised and strengthened yourself against the stings, the bees can lose interest and fly off elsewhere.

How we can we make it easier to attract more of what we really want, and to surround ourselves with the right kind of energy; less stinging, buzzing bees preferably?!

I’m starting with clutter. It suddenly seems obvious to me that I need to refresh my surroundings, and what better time than when springtime is here and the sunshine is out, it’s a time for the return of inspiration and motivation! Yes the inner work is more important by far, but why not give it a complementary boost by taking an action that can allow the good work to flow easier, just like picking an obstruction out of a river, so the water can take its natural course.

Your home is your base, your temple; the place that you come to rest and recharge, ready for the next chapter. Whether your home is big or small, a boat, caravan, box or mansion, what happens when that base is filled with old dusty objects? Falling apart objects? Untidy, disorganised objects? Patched up objects that really want to rest in peace but keep getting put back together again?

I know what happens. Your home base becomes filled with old, decaying energy, those dreaded bees spread out so they’re not just blanketing you, but surrounding your home until you can hardly move.

How can you become well if the energy surrounding you is always broken and sick? how can you become wealthy and abundant if your space is already filled with old dead money? How can you become clear and sure of yourself if every surface inside and out is messy, disorganised and scatty? How can you let any of those good things in if the space is already filled? THERE IS NO MORE ROOM!

I have allowed this concept to sink into my being,  and I have cleared a whole day for a ruthless de-clutter, and I mean no stone unturned. Imagine coming home to fresher air and organisation. I am sure there will be less ‘where’s this important document’ and ‘where’s my spare phone charger’ moments, along with a lighter feeling all round!

Now what do you do when you share space with a partner as I do? or for those in an even more complicated pickle, with a whole family?! You obviously need to respect other people’s belongings, but my idea is to have an agreement beforehand and compromise on a few things. Decide where certain things to be kept can be stored, decide what can be sold, given away or chucked. Or keep a box of belongings that need to be sorted through by everyone. If one day is not enough or is too much, do it in chunks, a room a day,  or even a drawer a day, whatever works for you.

Once there is more space and clarity, new energy can flow through much easier, and some of those buzzing bees will begin to loosen their grip, making your wellbeing attainment just that little bit more achievable.

Happy de-cluttering!







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