Getting in touch with your inner Mr Miyagi.

The important thing to ask yourself when faced with the dilemma of how to proceed, how to move on or what to do next in any given situation, is the following vital question…’What would Mr. Miyagi say?’
Don’t worry about what he’d do, because he is him and you are you, but what would he say about your situation?
Well, he would tell you to ‘wax on, wax off’, that I can say for certain. Wise old man, that Mr.Miyagi character. For those who were in wombs and nappies when Mr. Miyagi graced our screens; you must be from the age of google, so get googling!

Everything begins with the simplest, seemingly menial action, no matter what the situation.
That one simple action may not seem like a lot now, but the more you practice and repeat, the stronger and bigger it grows. As for whether it grows ‘better’, you’ll know if that’s the case if it feels right and makes you feel alive down to your bones.
While we are waxing on and off, we are focused solely on that action, so that when we get to a certain point, we can stand back to look around at what we’ve created. More than likely what we have created gleams and sparkles like a stunning diamond. To think that from one little first action, we can create so much! We all of us have that diamond potential underneath the dirt, or that inner Mr.Miyagi within us so to speak.

What we don’t want to do is just stop and lie on the ground collecting more dirt every time we fall off the bandwagon, and fall we do, often in fact. The important thing is to gently stand back up again and carry on, every single time.

So you ate a whole cake when you’ve just started that diet? So what?! Who told you it’s pointless carrying on trying to lose weight and why do you believe that?
Give that stubborn little karate kid in your head a kick up the backside and tell him to listen to Mr. Miyagi. Get back up and start again. (dieting is probably not the best example as they tend to be unsustainable in the long run if you want to be healthy, but that’s another blog).

So you keep trying that project and it’s not working yet? So what?! Get back up, try a different route to get the result you’re after. Keep going and don’t stop unless it really isn’t feeling good no matter what you try. If that happens, pause to re-evaluate the reasons you’re doing things, and then pick a new route that attracts you. Just move at your pace, don’t worry what you look like to others, worry what you feel like to you. Make sure even your pause holds purpose.

If you keep waxing on and off, then you are in constant flow and constant movement, and that means you will be creating at every moment.
If where you are is not where yu thought you would be, it really doesn’t matter, because everything is malleable according to the energy we put into it. Things can always be changed if need be. Mountains change shape, new buds sprout from old orchid plants, everything is in movement even if it looks still, just put it under a microscope you’ll see!

We’ve all heard of people in their 40’s and 50’s and so on, who have trained to become doctors or set off on some wild adventure…and why not?
If you stop shape-shifting, changing and moving then you won’t want to get back up again, and if you don’t get back up again…what are you doing here?
Now I’m off to water my orchids and polish stuff.


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