When is the right time?

In your childhood years you are too young and you know nothing.

In your teens you have your ‘whole life’ ahead of you and you know everything ( we don’t know if this so called ‘whole life’ is 7 days or 7 years long).

In your 20’s and 30’s you’re too…fat, thin, unfit, emotionally unstable, poor, ugly, pretty, untidy, not spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally ready, impatient, slow, stupid, pathetic, angry…you name it.

In your 40’s you have too much responsibility, what about the…car, house, cats, dogs, kids, bills, family…what will people SAY?!

In your 50’s and 60’s you’re just much too old now, you’d surely be a fool, a dreamer, or mutton dressed as lamb to even consider anything at all.

From your 70’s onwards when all your years of never being read have caught up with you, well…then it might really be too late or not possible.

Suddenly those fat thighs, knobbly knees, bony back, account in your overdraft, fear of heights, debts, bills, kids, peer pressure comments, emotional instability etc etc etc. no longer seem like big obstacles. They suddenly seem like blessings, beautiful disasters that you wish you could experience again and again if you could just have one. more. day…

So when is the ‘right’ time?


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