The contradicton of the dragonfly


Is it like a dragon or a snake? A fly, spider or a bird all in one?

It’s a wearer of many hats.

Born in murky waters, but growing and morphing stealthily, subtly, into true form. Soon breaking away into the air, to it’s destiny.

Swift and sure, yet hovers here and there.

Wings, not just one pair.

Two pairs of wings just because it can, to carry it through forests and over marshes, beaches and mountains.

Fiercely, imposingly strong. Difficult to catch.

Delicately weak. Crushed easily under my feet.

A predator yet prey.

A double edged sword, balanced and perfect.

yet imperfect.

Simple yet intense.

Uncomfortably ugly yet devastatingly beautiful.

Still always a dragonfly.



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