The simplicity of my soup…

I sat trying, and failing, to find something to write to you all about.

Something that would help to enhance your wellbeing even by a fraction; even a 000.001% improvement to your whole selves, if that’s even a number!

The ideas and words would not come. I’d had a few days of high emotions, long traffic-ridden car rides, long days, many social interactions…you know, the things that make life, life? and I encountered my first episode of writer’s block since beginning to regularly write my blog.

As I sipped on my spoon of homemade soup and stared at the blank notepad, pencil in the other hand (I’m an old school writer) I suddenly became very aware of my soup. Mmm what a delicious soup! I hadn’t planned to make it, I just decided in an instant. I hadn’t even thought twice about going to the trouble of laying all my ingredients out according to whatever I felt like having in the moment, and then chopping them, cooking, stirring, blending, seasoning, and sitting down to enjoy the fruits (or veg) of my labour. As soon as the idea came, I just acted on it, and did it with devotion.

I realised in my awareness, that the same ritual should apply to everything we do, even to writing. This didn’t have to be some perfectly planned out, award-winning piece of writing. I didn’t need to spend ages wracking my brains for something that would spectacularly change lives.

It was when I stopped pushing frantically and relaxed, becoming aware of me, myself, and my soup, that a seed of thought was formed and an idea blossomed. I didn’t even know what words were going to come out but that doesn’t matter, I didn’t have to know. As long as I picked up my recycled pencil that used to be a CD case and moved my hand, the idea would create itself.

Things do not need to be unnecessarily complicated, and the fact is, when we are aware and in the moment, everything can become inspirational.

A simple idea, in a simple moment, creating a simple yet effective outcome.


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