Inner strength

I’ve heard it said that when you’re broken or ill…no matter how big or how small the problem is…having loved ones rally round you and people that care for you, helps to speed your recovery up, and brings you back to a whole sense of wellbeing.

I believe that. I remember mums ‘star soup’ (chicken flavour broth with little pasta stars in it to be precise) being brought to me in bed when I was ill, what a comfort. I remember her willingness to take care of me and nurture my recovery. I remember dads hugs and kisses and frustration at not being able to ‘fix’ me, but his genuine wish to be present was a comfort in itself.

Luckily they’re still about, but not so easy to get to anymore. Such is life and growing up. You become an adult and either have others to look after, or learn to look after yourself.

When you do not have those around you to nurture you when you are broken, you are left to your own devices and the imprisonment of your own mind, while the world outside keeps turning.

It takes a complete breakdown to realise that you are still part of the turning world. It takes many moments of feeling sorry for yourself to realise that being left to your own devices, does not mean you can not recover fully.

You have to reach a low moment to see and fully understand, or ‘re-member’…that you have a well of self-nurturement and strength within you, and just maybe, you may have put yourself in a position where you do not have access to the warmth and care of your younger years, because that is part of your challenge.

What if your challenge is to find a source of inner strength that you’ve always known deep down was there, but just didn’t realise that to access it, you must go through some discomfort?

Well as I said in this blog I would speak from experience, and I have had my woe is me moments, my frustration moments and my lonely moments…and I now share with you my moment of realisation.

You are your own source of care and strength, and though you may have moments in life where you feel no strength whatsoever…feed that voice inside that keeps telling you to hold on. That is the voice that will build you and pull you through whatever life challenges you are to meet with. That inner voice is your caring parents or guardians, your younger you, the current you, and the whole universe rolled into one. Listen to it.

If you don’t have a rock to lean on or even a piece of temporary driftwood, just do what I do, float on your own back…you will not drown.


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