Battle of the sexes

Some men may smart on reading this if they believe themselves to be the superior sex, some women may even feel the same; women feel compelled to turn on women.

I may either be seen as a bra swinging feminist or a 1950’s housewife, depending on how you look at it. I’m neither.

So here is what I believe- I really believe men should be men and women should be women. Yes, both sexes are equal in the sense that they are both humans driven to come together to create and were created themselves from the same source, but we’ve taken ‘equal’ to the destructive extreme. The differing sexes are two sides of the same coin, two differing forms of strengths, we can not possibly be the same or do everything the same. We can try, but we will become angry and resentful with each other as we try to become what we are not…which is what is happening.
I say it both from an energetic perspective and that of someone stepping outside a situation and looking in as an observer.

There is no better or worse gender, there is just the meaning and perception you put into something, and the organic nature of all that exists.
I see a world of man’s bravado, of man being brought up to be excessively macho because it’s apparently a ‘man’s world’.
How can it be a man’s world when there are obviously two genders existing within it;  sexes that need each other in order to survive.

I see beyond and beneath the battle,  into what is demonstrated time and time again in nature, or more appropriately, MOTHER nature: men are like bees…out flying, stinging, swarming, pollinating, mating…ultimately using their physical energy for what it was made for; to partake in creation and to provide for the queen bee.
Men are supposed to use up physical energy to plant a seed to further the species. In the basest sense man must hunt to provide ….so that woman can harvest the next generation.

Woman is supposed to be more physically still and calm…NOT weak, but more still. To preserve energy for the carrying, birthing and nurturing of the next generation. Woman’s strength is internal for that purpose.
When something is still and calm and internal, the movement is happening within…it has the potential to both create and destroy. Creation and destruction can happen inside a Woman’s body, and outside a man’s.

Something somewhere lost its true nature, and womankind has become abused and afraid, while mankind has become impotent and afraid, acting out this fear by abusing.
I am seeing more and more today, man becoming angrier, becoming lost and unsure of what he wants or where he should be, straying, floundering…man is appearing more and more to show himself as a little boy who needs a telling off from mother…and woman keeps on pandering to that and turning against her own womankind, losing herself also.

A destructive cycle began to take place somewhere, who knows where it started; the chicken or the egg…it doesn’t matter. For examples’ sake we can look at it like this: man abused woman, woman felt hard done by and lost self-belief, believing herself weak, and so continued to be treated the way she acted. Woman in anger retaliated and tried to be more masculine to hide her so-called ‘weakness’, woman’s new aggression confused man and his role, and contributed to a feeling of impotence in him. Woman became frustrated by his impotence and began to nag like a mother, man felt more like a boy and so acted like one, and man also continued to be treated the way he acted. Woman was angry and defeated, allowing herself to be used and abused, such is her still nature. Man was angry and defeated, allowing himself  to be emasculated and abusing woman in an attempt to regain a feeling of power, such is his aggressive nature.

So the cycle goes on, you can start it anywhere.

You could also say the mistreatment of womankind has been man’s undoing in a karmic sense…but if you were to say that, then the abuse of woman could also be womans karmic undoing, and a reflection of how little woman values her own power.

We reached a place somewhere, where man forgot that he was supposed to provide for woman, not own or abuse or claim her. We reached a place where woman forgot she was supposed to, in exchange, show gratitude for man’s hunt by giving him warmth and nurture to rest his tired bones. No, I am certainly not saying woman’s place is indoors, cooking, cleaning or serving man, or that man’s place is to worship woman…I am saying that both sexes forgot to show gratitude to each other and to praise and cherish each others nature. They forgot to help each other in the best way that feels natural to them, whatever that may be, and to use their natural-born skills. Instead, we entered into battle, the battle of the sexes, that is both exhausting and tragic.

In terms of homosexuality and people not wanting children, it doesn’t matter what we do, or say or choose…we will still find ways to play out our natures, whether it be individuals of the homosexual coupling acting out as provider or nurturer, or either gender not wanting a child putting their nurturing nature into a helping, caring and rearing role in the case of the woman, and into seed-planter/hunter role in the case of man. Humans will find ways to express what they naturally want to be. Life is creation.

We have come too far now, losing ourselves and in turn feeling empty. We are attempting to fill the emptiness with things and choices that we believe will give us freedom and independence, but all it is doing is breeding more and more chaos, emptiness and confusion. Acceptance of ourselves and understanding of our nature as men or women is true freedom and will bring the two opposites together to make a whole.

We can either bring our confusion and battling to the extreme to get to its opposite: peace and acceptance of ourselves, or we could simplify our lives and live in a way that feels true to us, dropping the act of being something we’re not.

We are weary from being unkind to each other and I believe deep down we want to return to our true natures. Men and women should not fight, they should complement one other.


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