More on clutter

I feel inclined to write about clutter once again; it’s been on my mind.

Perhaps because more and more I am feeling the need to expand, to grow and to shake off everything that does not serve my purpose in life. It’s very hard to do that when you are bogged down with s*** for want of a more polite word.

It’s time to take it a step further than just the material de-cluttering; although that in itself is an exceptional way of beginning to free yourself.

I see the effects of material clutter, and the impossibility of letting in great new stuff when the old and unused is in your space.

Think about that effect you get on holiday, you know when you wake up in the morning and feel lighter and more free than back home? That’s not just down to no work or stresses, it’s also down to the fact that you’re not so attached to everything other than the contents of your suitcase. Nothing is piling up, nothing is too difficult to find under a pile of anything because you have minimal clutter. less belongings, less material attachment, and this means less cleaning, more space, clarity and focus…freedom and simplicity.

Back home we return to our pile-ups, and why is it so hard to let go of things that are broken, old or never used? It’s that dreaded ‘gap’ or ‘hole’ we feel we need to fill. It’s also the fear of change and of moving into an unknown future, because we misguidedly believe we will lose our sense of self or our identity. So holding on to old dusty things we don’t use or need gives us a false sense of security. Ironically, when we experience that free feeling of having no extra baggage around us, we can actually feel a better sense of security within ourselves than we will probably ever feel, because then we don’t need anything but the basics.

This theory also holds true for emotional clutter. Emotional, material and physical clutter are manifestations of our psychological baggage, we could go further and even say our spiritual baggage…but that’s another blog and a level I’m not exploring fully as of yet.

Emotional clutter begins to show on our bodies and in our health- look at the amount of people struggling with weight issues; that is physical clutter. It is often unattended psychological clutter that then creates emotional clutter that will tempt many to reach for an overdose of food to comfort ourselves, and the layers of fat are the emotional ‘armour’. We let go of exercise and anything that does us good, because we feel lack within and feel we deserve no better. Often we work at our bodies from the outside in and see a weight loss happening, but I see it often where the bloated belly is the hardest to shift. Well, the belly is your centre, your pivotal point. The fuel that holds all of you together physically is taken into the belly and broken down there, and so that is your life energy centre. If the process of your physical, psychological and emotional life is cluttered and bumpy, then the process of break-down in your life energy centre will reflect that.

Emotional clutter does not just affect people via weight, but through illness also. By not dealing with the feelings you have and the root those feelings came from, then you are allowing build-up to occur and it will overflow from your body physically.

The root causes can often be psychological clutter, the more we hold on to past hurt, false beliefs or trauma, the more we crowd our heads and allow the dust and rot to build. You can tell when someone has an excess of psychological clutter first by the material and physical clutter around them and on them, but then you go deeper and see it come out in their emotions like anger, defensiveness, bitterness, resentfulness, awkwardness, depression etc.

Psychological clutter is also left unattended due to fear, of losing yourself and the identity you have built up for yourself based on your past story, because then who are you without your story? The fear of opening a can of worms and drowning in the discomfort of it is so great, that we would rather drown in our clutter; another sad irony.

We could well do with clearing everything out on a regular basis, whether it be by de-cluttering material things, de-cluttering emotionally by communicating well with those around us and de-cluttering psychologically by seeking professional help, reading, researching, meditating…however you choose.

The important thing is that we are doing something and not just sitting in our mess, because then beautiful new fresh things will come in and we’ll see there was nothing to be afraid of.




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