Speak your truth.

Make yourself heard over the excruciating drone of modern-day living. Over the mindless chitchat of those who desperately try to cover the void they imagine that silence will bring.

Make yourself heard in the right way about the right things.

What’s right? Right is whatever comes from your gut, not from what you think you SHOULD be saying or doing, and certainly not from the compressed, self-destructive tension and fear you have been holding for most of your adult life.


The world is a loud throbbing mess.

Like an overstressed pumping heart waiting for a cardiac arrest in an exhausted body.

It is a reflection of whatever we do to it; whatever we do to ourselves, and to one another.


Too many of us are exhausted and withholding what we need to say from that deep place within ourselves. That deep place is US. Who we are.

Well I say shout it out! Talk it out! Whisper it out! Write it out! Get it out! Laugh it out! Cry it out! Shake it out! If you are being true you are not adding to the drone, you are shutting the drone out. Don’t let anybody ever tell you to keep your truth down.


Being a soft-spoken observer and natural introvert, I can relate to anyone who has difficulty with speaking up, but now something extraordinary has been happening to me. I know now its ok to be quiet, its ok to be introverted. Introverted, the opposite of extroverted, is needed like yin to yang.  Having people and things of introverted nature is how we recognise peace, quiet and calm, in the same way that we need extraversion to recognise noise, movement and excitement.

It’s ok to be quiet if you are not holding in, and if you can shout out your truth when you need and want to.

As this change has been happening, I’ve noticed its easier to speak up, now that I’ve accepted its ok to be me; quiet by nature. I’ve also noticed that some of the people around me are not comfortable with the more outspoken me, the me that is truth. Truth does hurt after all, if we let it. When someone comes closer to their true nature, it can seem to those that ‘know’ you, like you’ve changed and it does not fit into the compartment people had placed you in, in their minds.

What is happening is not a change, it’s a remembering and a utilising of what was already there all along.


So shut out the drone of fakeness, fear, conflict, the tension of not being YOU to the fullest. Speak your truth as loudly, or as quietly as you dare.



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