The disease of definition.

We don’t have to define everything, but we do desperately try; for what is something without definition?

What is the un-nameable, un-definable, un-labelled? At most it’s a ‘thing’.

Things both frighten and intrigue us. It’s the intrigue of the mysterious, and the fear of the unknown.

The undefined is left to just be as it naturally must; as it is, and if we can’t define it, we feel we have lost or will come to lose, our control.

Undefined we feel like nothing, we confront empty space. Nothingness is incomprehensible to us, unfathomable, and for knowledge-seekers such as we, that is the epitome of the unravelling of everything.

we come undone.

What if everything coming undone was the cure for the dis-ease of human consciousness? Well that would mean the loss of ego, and isn’t that just death and just frightening?

We all have an innate need to come undone as well as to define. I sense in my true nature that I could easily drift with no ties to anything and feel no guilt for it. I live for moments and experiences. when I wake up what gets me lusting for life is not how much I have of anything, or how high or far I can go. It’s the pleasure of tasting my breakfast, the heat and delight of my coffee, the heart warming banter I will have with any person I connect with, the goosebumps of hearing a beautiful song, the deliciousness of a cosy hug, the pleasant relief of feeling warmth after coming in from the cold, and the aliveness of the sun on my face.

What experiences can I make today?

What do you really live for? Have you felt in yourself what you live for? or do you plan, structure and define every single waking moment with no time whatsoever to come undone? Some of us call it relaxation, but many have trouble even relaxing, for the relaxation too is planned.

Try coming undone, where you don’t have to know anything, or go anywhere, or be or do anything, but you could if you wanted to. Did you know that you can know something in your soul, and not define it?

I sat in a semi-hypnotic state one afternoon with TV on in the background, I tuned my awareness into what was on and saw that it was a wildlife programme. They were tagging and tracking some exotic birds and it seemed a lengthy procedure to capture them and film their perspective, and to know everything about their lives and habitat. I love wildlife and it’s interesting stuff for sure, possibly because we are attracted to the free and unconscious living of wildlife and nature, but I found myself thinking from a gut place, ‘leave them alone! Why must we know?’

Why do we honestly need to know how birds see and live? Why can things not just have their own lives without us humans feeling a need to possess everything, capture everything, take over everything, conquer everything, name everything, infiltrate everything, control everything? Why are we not able to live and let live?!

I couldn’t answer, because that would involve trying to define us.

Can you sit with yourself happily, and just be, without defining?

Don’t think about it too much. 🙂


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