Little things, big moments.

A tea-time loving friend recently posted a picture of a scrumptious pancake with berries, and tea in a pretty dainty teacup that she was about to enjoy, with a comment about how sometimes it’s all about the little things in life…it got me pondering about the little things and inspired me greatly.

Being a ponderer, and a lover and seeker of that little cheeky sprite we call inspiration, I realised that even the big things are a collection of little things, and that in fact in my view of the world, everything is about the little things – the fact that we call them ‘little’ by no means makes them in any way lesser things or insignificant.

In fact, a collection of little things can create significance of such grand proportions, that perhaps our human minds really can only break it down into little things to be able to understand it to some degree.

Look at us humans and animals and our world; we have no idea why we’re here, where we’re going for sure, and how this all came about we can only create theories on…it’s just too grand, overwhelming and incomprehensible. So what do we do? Break it down, into pieces, chunks, slots, limbs, stories, belief systems, creeds, molecules, cells…give us a microscope please!

A crowd of 10,000 individual people at a gig and each little note played and syllable sung creates a huge magic moment in time.

A collection of diligent ideas, steps, actions and processes creates a massively successful business.

A multitude of little ingredients coupled with 60 little minutes and a sprinkling of ritualistic passion makes an enormously delicious hearty meal.

The little things can make big feelings, that can go both ways. A little poke and prod here and a little unkind word there can pile up to make big resentment and hurt.

It pays to use that knowledge to focus on the things we love and appreciate.

Make BIG joyful moments with all the little things.

Here’s some of my little things.

Magic little things

Magic little things

Little perfect moments

Little Big speechless-inducing things

Little vices and adventures


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