Alone time

To be alone is not to be lonely, unless you choose it to feel so.

Loneliness is an illusion.

To be alone is not solitary, separate or empty.

Learning to be alone well is to learn to create fullness, togetherness, and the silent but eternal company of your higher self.

It is the perfect time for your higher self to hold an audience with the many voices inside your head that scramble for attention, and to be their quiet observer and guide.

Alone time is best spent harnessing your qualities, in order to serve well the things and people you love.

To serve is not to slave, or to live by another’s rules, nor is it to latch onto that which diminishes you.

To serve is to be present.

It is to thrive in the glow of another’s energy, thus connecting further with another part of the source from whence we all came.

It is to feel the smile of another in your own being, and to open yourself to all the possible aspects they contain, without immersing yourself in perceived limitations, judgements or self-imposed expectations.

To be alone is not to be lonely, for if we are from the same source, and if you are lonely, then surely so is everything and everyone else.

Therein lies the illusion.

To be alone well is to see the inter-connectedness of everything that ever was, is, and ever will be.

All that is made, is made from you and me.

An idea dormant awakens and becomes a thought, a feeling, a plan, an action, and a creation; a something.


Where was it before it became that thing?

It was where you and I were before we were born.

You and it are from the same place.

You and they are from the same place.

You are in the same place still, and everything and you and we are going to the same place.

So even when you are alone, you can never, ever really be lonely.


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