The universe speaks car.

I am a hundred and one different things, or maybe one hundred and two; perhaps I am a million.

I am whatever you see me as, and I am also whatever I label myself as. I can change from day to day, but I am always me.

If I walk into a room of 5000 people, I am 5000 different things at once, according to the perception of 5000 different mind patterns.

If you thought I was ‘Y’ and I then tell you I am ‘X’ you will either bend your perception to see me as what I tell you I am, or you will wear me down until I see myself as ‘Y’.

I am made of the same internal stuff as a star in the sky, even the moon and I are the same. Externally we are far apart, but our non-physical selves are eternal and one. The universe speaks to all of us and to everything, because we are it.

As I drove along a dirt road, sounds rolled in through the gaps in the windows. My attention was grasped by the sights and sounds to my right and I turned my head to focus on them for a moment. I was jolted out of focus by the car bumping onto a small pavement on the right, and I immediately grasped the wheel tighter to the left to turn it back into the road.

The universe opened its mouth and said “There is the answer to all your questions”, it spoke to me through the language of car, pavement and sights and sounds.

The car is life, the sights and sounds are the sparkly people and things in it; the ‘something’s’, and the pavement is a bump in the road of life either as an obstacle or a moment to reflect; both options giving you the chance to regain perspective.

If I put my focus on something, I steer my life towards that which I have focused on.

If I tell myself I am short, I may not shrink, but I may suddenly begin to notice many people taller than me. If you tell me I am stupid time and time again, the word stupid may become repetitive in my mind like a bad song, and I may begin to steer myself towards stupidity. That’s OK  because you would only be labeling me based on what you either think you see, or what you want to see, and what you see is only another one of you, so as we are made of the same I would then reply, “Hello fellow stupid”.

If you wanted me to be clever, you should have tried calling me clever time and time again.

We are whatever we decide and whatever we surround ourselves with, and we are wherever we turn to look while driving the car. We are as big as an ant and as small as the sky.

What shall we focus on today?


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