What I really want to know is…

The work/mission/job/purpose we choose says a lot about what we need in ourselves. Do you need structure? order? peace? Do you want to control or fix yourself or did something happen to someone you couldn’t help and so you became a surgeon or doctor? Did you grow up watching your family go through money issues and then become a millionaire entrepreneur? Were you never listened to or given attention and now you strive to be famous and seen?

I want to help, comfort, and reconnect others. Make of that what you will about me.

The truth is that the first paragraph was the mask…I really couldn’t care less what you decide to do for work or what house or car you have, what religion you are or what political party you vote for. There is certainly an element of interest in the psychology of why people do what they do, but what I really want to know is underneath all that surface stuff- Who are you really? What do you really yearn for deep down?

My desire, empathy and compassion drives me to know what makes people tick, what puts them at ease, and to see them get where they want on a soul level. The experiences I’ve had in dealing with inner conflict, mental and emotional pain, although we’ve had different life experiences; ensures that I know you. I know the feeling of holding the real you inside, underneath the heavily programmed, ego-based you that feels pain, sadness, nerves, anxiety, depression and helplessness. I know you feel that way because you don’t quite know how to shake off your past experiences, and to navigate the real you in a world that is also heavily programmed. The conflict, lack of understanding, lack of easy exits and entrances and fellow compassion, drives you into insane, seemingly hopeless fear.

I know you often think you’re not good enough, and I know that you have met the part of you that you know is real; it’s the part that is the same as me and her and him. You know deeply there is more to you, and nobody understands, not because they’re being mean, but because you’re not showing them fearlessly.

I want to help you to show them so they’re no longer ignorant, and so you are no longer ignorant of them. If I help you let out more of the real you, it completes another part of your loved ones, your family and your friends, and even me…anyone you touch verbally, physically or just in the same sensory or spiritual space, will become more connected.

I am here to help uncover the true you, and I can because I have done. I can see you right now. You’ve seen you too, in your most relaxed, joyous, exciting, absorbed and loving moments. That is the you that holds the key to everything you are and all of your potential.

You want to feel purposeful, whole and real in every area of your life.

You want to burn the masks and break down the prison bars, and to run and burst forth into the creation that surrounds you! You want to scream at the top of your lungs from the mountain tops, and laugh like a crazed hyena! You want to cry like you’ve just been born! You want to love everyone and everything like it’s all an extension of your heart, soul and being…and it is.

I want to help because I know me, and that means I know you.

(If that prickles you, think about which you is feeling that) 😉


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