Waiting to play...

Waiting to play…

We are backed into the corners of our own prisons over and over again. We feel pursued into these corners, though no one is chasing us except the fear of our own shadows.

Our values and beliefs change often, sometimes daily; and why shouldn’t they? Our skin and hair and our bodies are forever renewing… so doesn’t it make sense that everything about us should ebb and flow like the tides?

What stays solid and eternal is our core, but we have forgotten that beliefs based on the external are not from our core.

They are from our life experiences, and what is life, if not change?

So when we create our daily rules and rituals, our boundaries and values, based on our experiences and senses…we must do so knowing they may change tomorrow. That does not make us hypocrites, that makes us true to what we are. Open and flowing, interchangeable humans, experiencing the universe through the gift of life.

If I decide I am not going to do ‘X’ and I am never going to be ‘Y’…then I close that door onto myself. I have now expressed a rule and belief,  or told myself a story if you like, and if my feelings change and I act against my previous rule, I will fear the judgments of others. The finger-pointing, the criticism, and the whispering accusations of hypocrisy and fickle action. I will also feel a distrust in all I thought I knew of myself.

Why? Was it not I that made the rules for myself? Then surely I can break them. It makes more sense not to continue to break things but to make them bendy and bouncy, so that they twist and turn and flip and flex with my every movement. Today I feel this, but who knows what tomorrow brings; doesn’t that make more sense?

Not only does it make sense but it creates canvas upon canvas of possible scenery. If I let go of attachment to stories and beliefs, the noise in my mind quietens, and I can hear my instincts and soul needs. What I thought I would never do might be exactly what I need, but how would I know that, if I stuck to my rigid, external rules that I choose to dress up as solid beliefs and values?

Move away from the corners, unlock your own prisons and take a good look at your shadow; I bet it’s really just waiting to play, waiting for your next move so it can follow, and maybe not pursuing you after all.


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