Reconnecting with yourself.

Reconnect with you!

Reconnect with you!

I sometimes find life feels so separate and disconnected.

I feel a need more and more for re-connecting to my deepest souls needs. My being has felt this for a long time but not so keenly as now.

My soul is crying for it, yet I sometimes seem to attract the opposite, perhaps because I think of the lack and feel the yearning, and the pain tugging at my heart. I have met others in the same place as me.

These times of gathering bring it all to light for many of us, Christmas and new Years or any other religious or cultural celebrations. The time we have allocated as a society for family and friends, brings with it the mounting pressure of expectation, as we compare ourselves to others and try to ensure and convince ourselves that we have our place of belonging.

We invite disillusionment and stress when we are not with who we expected, or where we expected to be, or left out in some way, or when those we hope to be with do not want to be with us in the same way. We look over our year and feel the heaviness of our discarded resolutions, allowing ourselves to feel like failures.

We sometimes like to kid ourselves into pretending it’s just another day, in order to feel better and to not appear lonely, I’ve done that myself; but I’ve realised it’s just another day to highlight what needs changing.

We all know change can be painful as well as a beautiful metamorphosis. What if these times were an invitation to re-establish ourselves and turn ourselves towards the direction we really want?

The one thing that has changed for me personally is my methods. Previously I would sink into a long, dark depression, fortunately now being down is not as dark or as long. Depression has been my on and off life ‘frenemy’ that runs in the family and has been my unwanted playmate as far back as age 13 or so.

Now, older and a little wiser, with broader experience at my disposal; I recognise that the dwelling and focus on what does not feel good, merely brings me more of what I don’t want and into a deeper spiral.

The laws of attraction are said to work as perfectly as the laws of gravity, whether you’re aware of it, or a believer or not. So for my own self-preservation, I know the importance of looking into the root of my feelings of disconnectedness. What needs to be implemented in order to know what to focus on and which direction to go in? What reality do I have to put at the forefront of my mind to unlock and attract the new path?

Analysis of ourselves need not be complicated, just knowing what I don’t want to feel, leads me to what I do want to feel, and to the thoughts that will harness more of those feelings.

Be prepared, for the old thoughts to fight you all the way.

Here are some examples of thoughts to implement as often as possible; please smother your old destructiveness with them! Only say them and think them if you mean them, so you can feel them, without feeling they are pointless.

The opposite of feelings of separateness and disconnectedness:

  • I am an important piece of the whole.
  • I am complete whether alone or with company.
  • I enjoy helping others where and when I can.
  • I accept love and affection when it is offered.
  • I celebrate the joy and goodness of those around me as well as my own.
  • I remember those in my life and wish them abundance, love and happiness.
  • I regularly connect by re-membering myself with self-care which is self-love.
  • I surround myself with positive material- audios, books, images, words, thoughts, people, places and actions that contribute to my wellbeing.
  • I am kind to myself when I am experiencing emotions that make me feel less than I am.
  • When I am affected by others negative, heavy energy, I can remember I am witnessing their pain, I am not diminished, and I have the power to wish them well.
  • I remember and connect to myself and others every day.
  • I am pure creative, connected, loving energy.

Pick some, make up your own that relate to you, but ensure that in times of feeling disconnected and separate that you surround yourself with what your soul is yearning for, to remind you of who you really are.


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