When The World Ends.

Picture the scene: The world as you know it, is ending tomorrow.

Our home...we take care of it as much as we take care of ourselves.

Our home…we take care of it as much as we take care of ourselves.

Time will cease and empires will fall, there will be no structure and no leaders. The sky will fall and the oceans will rise. Perhaps your species, or many others will die out, or oxygen providing nature will turn to ashes and you will have a limited time before the air no longer sustains you.

Armageddon has arrived in whichever form you imagine it to be, and you begin to frantically think about what you must immediately do. After the initial panic and shock has set in, and you realise it’s inevitable; you then begin to feel.

You ask yourself questions like, what is my biggest regret? What should I have done more of? What would I have done if time and money and other man-made pressures did not sway me? What will I do with my final hours? Who will I speak to? Who will I not speak to? Who do I want to see?

My question is, does it need to be the end of the world as you know it to ask those questions?

To sit every now and then and ask yourself end of the world questions, is to know yourself and what you should be doing right now in your life. It is to brave any wrong turns you may have taken and give yourself the opportunity to set the course right.

Your biggest regret will lead you to a lesson that you can use for yourself or to help others. Maybe you have no regrets, and that in itself is a philosophy you can share.

What you would have done more of; do some of that now wherever you can, the more you do something, the more it expands and the better you get. What you would do with your final hours comes into this too; do more of that.

That thing you wish you would have done without certain pressures and worries; find other methods even to do just a fraction of it, in other ways. It may not be the whole of what you want, but taking steps and fractions is better than doing nothing at all. For a random example, if you always wanted to open a cake shop but maybe you don’t have the means right now; bake the biggest or best, and tastiest cakes you can as often as you can, and share them, talk about them, post pictures and descriptions of them, have a cake party! It might just get you there, or you might find you enjoy it just like that.

Who you would and wouldn’t speak to in your final hours, well, that says a lot about the people you want to surround yourself with and the things you leave unsaid. Nurture those relationships and say what you need to say, and lessen or cut the others; emotionally you owe absolutely nothing to anyone except yourself.

Who you want to surround yourself with when the end comes; they are your heart speaking to you. They are precious connections and those are the people you must pay attention to, for they are connected to you in ways beyond the physical realm and they have much to teach you whether they realise it or not; like earth angels.

It does not mean you always agree with them, or that the words they speak should be obeyed; but they are the ones who can teach you lessons about yourself and your purpose.

So, when the end comes, what will your answers be?

Ask yourself the questions before the end, because the end of this life as you know it will come, so please, do more of what you ‘should have, would have, could have’ done, and do it now.







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