What do you think you know?

We can be full of knowledge, and know absolutely nothing. We collect diplomas so that we can prove that we know something, and still we know nothing.

We shun deep-seated, internal knowledge, in preference for the external. I believe we can have both, but we’re not so great at reconciling opposites into balance.

Yet we are composed of opposites; we are internal and external, we laugh and cry, we are young and old, we live and we die.

I can know in one moment exactly what I am, and then in the next I can act on the opposite of that for external conveniences.  Did all of my diplomas aid me in making decisions that would enhance me, preserve my heart, fill me with joy? It seems not.

When you decide to drink to oblivion, or take those drugs, or hurt that person and yourself over and over until it makes you ill…did all of your knowledge help you?

When you sacrificed yourself once more in order to please others, did you use your years of knowledge accumulation to decide that’s what you should do?

With our combined knowledge, so much mass knowledge…did we learn to go to war and destroy our homes? Did the important title we gained teach us to destroy the environment?

What do we know, really? When it comes to the things that really define us, the things that we’ll remember in our testing moments, we are suddenly the equivalent of faulty technology. We are blind, deaf and dumb.

It is beautiful to learn and to expand, to take courses and earn diplomas, but it’s even more vital to meet yourself in the gap. The gap between words and sounds, between there and here.

When you meet yourself in the gap, you meet yourself without fear and you learn the most potent knowledge…the truth of you and all that is.

Then you can hold your diplomas and say, ‘I know this piece of knowledge that is minute in the grand scheme can be useful to me here and now, and I know this can also change. I will use this information in its most enhancing form, but it does not define me.’

Be defined by how you show what you’ve learned, in the decisions you make and the actions you take.

In the gap you can learn without attachment and still make decisions from your heart and soul.

You are the gap.

The space between dots, joining.

That is where you know everything you need, and nothing is needed.

The Gap

The Gap








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