Dream Deciphering.

Dreams come and go, night by night, some remembered and some semi-forgotten; flashes of images or feelings where we know we dreamt but can’t relay all of the events, or some completely forgotten.

How much weight do we give our dreams? It depends where you are in life, and whether you are exploring other aspects of yourself that go beyond an average, materialistic life. Dreams are an insightful portal into the depths of your subconscious, your emotions and your soul.

I began to give weight to my dreams this past year, and the symbolism and accuracy of meaning in relation to my current life situation is astounding. I’ve become a huge fan of dream deciphering and I suppose you could say I am a self-taught dream student. Sometimes I use dream meaning websites and sometimes, especially when friends have asked me to decipher, I am able to grasp the meaning immediately because I know them and their life situations, and so looking in from the outside I can sometimes see a wider view than them.  Some symbolism points to deep, subconscious feelings that we are not even fully aware of…and that is what the dreams are for; a message to alert us to our inner needs.

I will let you into my dreams, to demonstrate their power. Our dreams are personal and intimate, but today we lack real intimacy with our fellow humans, we are living in a world of non-personal screen covered communication…or lack of. Personal dreams and intimacies are rare, and as my dream was a search for finding my realness and vulnerability, and opening it up to the world, it makes sense to share this particular one.

Last night I dreamt I was sitting in a bath, holding a baby up onto my knees, trying to get it to stand on them and then slide down my legs. the bath kept filling up, and I continued to hold the baby with my hands under its arms, lifting it and lowering it, mothering it with cooing sounds and words. I tried to get it to stand in the water, but the water was getting too deep, it was reaching the babies neck and I began to worry the babies head would become submerged, so I held it up. I couldn’t stop the tub from filling.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and a smiling middle-aged man came in, he was followed by at least half a dozen workmen, all wearing their fluorescent jackets. They’d come to fix something, perhaps to fix the fault that was making me unable to stop the water? I looked at the first man that let them in, in despair, wondering why he had let them all in, but he just laughed cheekily, enjoying the joke and then he walked back out.

The baby had by this point turned into a small white statuette of a man, with a circular base and velvet underneath like a large chess piece. I balanced it on the side of the bath and began to call out to the workmen to get their attention, I noticed now that there was an older woman in the room, slightly stooped, grey haired and stern, shaking her head in disapproval as the noise levels rose in the bathroom from all the bantering and chattering of the workmen. I held my arms across my naked chest, feeling vulnerable, and attempted one last call out. With a deep, decisive in-breath I then exhaled sound as loudly as my voice would allow, ‘EXCUSE ME!’.

Quiet. They all turned towards me and I calmly, quietly and firmly instructed them to ‘please leave the room’. The older lady nodded at me and her mouth curled almost imperceptibly with approval as they all filed out and closed the door behind them, including her. I lay back in the now less full, but perfect, warm bath and sighed with relief, my shoulders relaxing.

I woke up.

I woke up and remembered all of it, every vivid detail down to the feeling of the foamy bath water dripping off of the statuette as I placed it down. Yet the previous couple of nights I know I had dreams but I cannot remember a thing. I immediately set about deciphering this dream through a combination of the dreammoods and dreamhawk websites, and my own self-knowledge, and I found the following:

Taking a bath: cleansing of your outer and inner self. You are washing away the difficult times. This dream may also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions, opinions, and other negativities. Your dream may be pointing toward forgiveness and letting go.

Bathing someone: suggests that you are seeking a closer connection with that person. It also points to your nurturing side. 

Baby:  Innocence, warmth and new beginnings.  Babies symbolize something in your own inner nature that is pure, vulnerable, helpless and/or uncorrupted.

So far I can surmise that I am attempting to let go of the old, ridding and cleansing myself of anything negative in my life, learning to nurture myself, and rekindling my relationship with my youthful, more innocent and pure self…going back to my roots.

Rising Water: you are becoming overwhelmed by your emotions.

Workmen: To see workmen in your dream signifies that you need to work on yourself and explore your mind. There is an aspect of yourself that has yet to be acknowledged or utilized.

Old Woman: To see an old woman in your dream indicates your concerns about aging and growing old. Alternatively, the old woman may be an archetypal figure to symbolize feminine power.

Covering Nudity:To dream that you suddenly discover your nudity and are trying to cover up signifies your vulnerability to a situation

At this point the dream is pointing to the fact that all this change and working on myself is tough and overwhelming, the rising noise and rising water is symbolic of this ‘drowning’ feeling, the overwhelm threatens to drown out my pure self. The number of loud workmen needed for one job also symbolises this overwhelm and my need to be heard and understood, I have yet to utilise my voice fully. The older woman, being the opposite of the youthful innocence of the baby, represents both my fear of not finding that innocence and just growing into a sullen old hag; and the wise and powerful old woman who knows exactly what I must do, as is demonstrated by her approval at the end once I have managed to find my strength, to be heard and to quiet the overwhelm.

Statuette: To see people you know as statues in your dream symbolize a lack of communication with that person You feel that the relationship is inflexible, unyielding or going nowhere

Here the statuette was previously my innocent self as a baby. As the overwhelm begins to manifest in the dream, I have detached myself from the living, breathing baby, turning it into the statuette that is now a symbol of the difficulties that may be presenting themselves in terms of communicating with my inner self, or obstacles in the journey of renewal, that are caused by my resistance to change.

I could not find anything to do with the laughing man in my research, but I am assuming he is another representation of the ever-present inner-me, he could be the observer that sits and watches, perhaps the sprightly, mischievous inner-me that knows not to take anything too seriously.

The complex subconscious sometimes needs to express itself in such an imaginative way through our dreams, because unfortunately in our waking, conscious life, we rarely listen to our instincts and emotions. The more elaborate and intriguing the dream, the more we are likely to take notice.

From my dream, I was able to experience the firm, inner-strength that I am seeking. I was able to feel the subtle, yet strong feminine power coming through at the end, and by listening to the dream and taking the time and energy to decipher it, I feel even more determined to continue on my path of renewal and ‘re-membering’ my real self. The dream was a gift.

Of course some dreams are less complicated, or merely our subconscious assimilating information we’ve picked up throughout the day, but a lot of the time, it’s worth taking note and using them wisely.

Dream deciphering masters your input is appreciated!

We dream night after night...

We dream night after night…


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