Stillness practice.

While the world is buzzing past your ears and infiltrating your mind with lefts, rights, ups and downs, here, there and everything in between; you can still be stillness.

There is a core of energy that you can imagine how you like.  Maybe it’s like a straight line of electricity, blue and fizzing with sparks, from the top of your head to your pelvic floor. Perhaps it’s like a red laser beam, or maybe it’s like a miniature sun, a warm ball of fire revolving and glowing in your lower abdomen; the centre of your body.

Whatever it looks like to you, the important thing is that you can feel it. Because it is you.

It’s you beyond the objects, and the status, and the story in your head about you and who you are; who you’re supposed to be. It’s you beyond the physical, and it’s the seed to your origins and the link to everything else that is also you and you, it.

So when you feel yourself being pulled and it’s difficult to step back and watch from your internal eyes, and you begin to feel the manifestation of that pull via physical symptoms and emotions that make you feel bad…STOP.

All of that crazy ‘stuff’ around you is what happens when you forget yourself. The world is your mirror and a melting pot of the creation of everything that has ever been in anyone’s mind and heart. What you see and experience is what you have blinkered yourself to focus on and reflect back.

Put it all back, and remember what you would prefer to focus on and how you would prefer to feel.

Take a moment.


Through the nose so it’s less shallow.

Breathe it out long and slow. When you come to the end of an exhale and your stomach pinches softly in and upwards…you are disconnected from life breath, your heart slows down; hold it for 2 seconds.

When you breathe in, your core of energy lights up again and re-connects to where it came from, powering the physical body it lives in.

Keep breathing and focus on the core of energy. Go under your layers, through the body, past the mind, beneath the emotions and sit in your core.

The sounds around you sharpen, yet when you let go of an individual sound they all blend and soften. All of your senses are sharply focused, yet relaxed, and you feel no need to glue yourself to stories and ‘things’. You are just observing with no ties to anything. Everything around you has a purpose and yet can come and go without you needing it.

Everything around you becomes what it is; an extension of the life story you have built, and built from the same cloth of creation as you. All of it previously a seed of that energy core.

You are like a candle flame, where every weakening flicker is an exhale and every swelling of light an inhale. It remains steady all the while, burning until that which houses it, has finished and must die out.

Sit with a candle lit and breathe. It represents you and reminds you of what you really are.

Let the chaos around you be just that…around you, not in you.

Do this regularly and watch your scenery blossom into something less chaotic over time.

Time out.

Time out.


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