Why I’d rather not fight with illness.

Go inward to make peace with the roots.

Go inward to make peace with the roots.

A cause that makes everyone feel they are contributing to the betterment of life and the people as a whole is a worthy cause isn’t it? I think it is, in general, and if you’re fully conscious of what you’re contributing to. Except I have a slight problem that brings up conflict in me, because I have developed spiritually in a way that does not correspond to my upbringing, mainstream education and the majority of my peer group mentality.

I believe the mind, body and soul work together as a whole, where one can affect the other in various ways. I believe that the world and its contents are a manifestation of collective energy, and how we feel and act affects it, and it in turn can affect us. I have no idea what came first in that cycle; our consciousness or the physical world in the mighty universe. It’s the chicken or the egg syndrome, but that to me doesn’t really matter…we’re here, alive, now.

When you comprehend life in this way, it becomes clearer why I and many others have a hard time contributing to some causes, such as charities where the funds go towards ‘fighting’ something into obliteration or researching ways to do so, searching for an answer externally, and in some ways contributing to the problems, or dragging them out but not realising so. I do love the idea of joining forces with a like-minded group and going for a run or a cycle to raise money for something, but if I can’t participate with a passionate belief in what I am doing and in the possibilities of what it could bring about, it would be a mindless action.

In her book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, the author, teacher and speaker Louise Hay wrote,

“To battle only the outer effect or symptom is wasted energy and often increases the problem.”

Cancer is a good example; I have been asked whether I want to participate in a few charity events to raise money for cancer research and treatment. It seems to make sense right? It’s such a big, spreading, rampant disease and I along with many, know people that have had it or died from it. The media is bombarding us with the worldwide message to fight the dreaded disease, so of course you would want to give money towards it…wouldn’t you? Outright stating that you don’t want to help the cause would certainly come across as though you’re not a very nice person…wouldn’t it?

I considered it, and I decided against it.
You see I do love to help people; anyone that is unwell or in need of help should be helped in my opinion, but can I not choose who I invest in and how? Of course I can, and each person has a right to decide how they help, who they help and with what methods. Though the idea of having a fun day out running with friends is appealing, I will not give my money to what I feel is totally missing the point, based on how I see the world, because then I would not be true to myself and I would be of no use to anyone. It would feel like I am just another rat in a lab experiment repeating the same actions over and over, or a hamster in a wheel.

I would rather visit a cancer sufferer or sufferers and help them smile or laugh, give them a reiki treatment or help to dissolve any of the destructive physical and emotional habits they have that may have contributed to their physical decline. I would rather fund research in how to love and accept ourselves.
If the sufferer truly believes in the fight, I would respect their decision, and I respect the decisions of anyone who chooses to raise money for their chosen cause…but I too will contribute in my own way.

I see cancer along with other illnesses as an outer effect of inner toxicity, be it mind, body or soul based. Either way whatever we are doing to ourselves whether we realise it or not, it is literally beginning to ‘eat away at us’ through disease…which is why more often than not it recurs…because the root of the issue has not been looked at and faced, and neither will it ever be looked at if the current mindset on illnesses like it are anything to go by. You just have to listen to the advertisements that are currently all over the radio and TV; statements telling cancer we’re going to beat it and we’re ‘not finished with it yet’. Well if you’re not finished with something, then you’re still holding onto it, and if you see it as an external thing to be beaten, it will always be a possible enemy. If cancer is an internal fight within yourself as I believe, then all you’re doing is essentially ignoring it and pretending it’s an outside force coming at you that you need to fight head on, so you give it power. While the real problem is still festering away inside, there we are looking to the outside for answers, and you may have it physicially cut out, but energetically it will find somewhere else to settle and create a nest in your body.

Try looking at it first where it sits, see it for what it is, and only then can you let it go, releasing it to the outside. What have you got to lose except your life?

Just for one minute in your precious life, suspend your rational, medical, scientific, linear, structured, logic, purely mind-based, Western educational system beliefs. Just for one more paragraph, consider:

What if a combination of our thoughts, emotions and lifestyle habits all contributed collectively in a domino effect to create tumours and other illnesses? What if our anger, our resentments, our bitternesses and our self-hatred, combined with our sedentary, sugar-fueled, fast-food, vice-addicted lifestyles that we use in order to fill the holes that these toxic emotions make us feel, were the major factors in disease creation, and the final icing on the mould-ridden cake was the disease?

Now if that paragraph were true, why on earth would we be spending our time, energy and money on working from the outside in if we know that what it takes is the dissolution of a toxic build-up of negative emotion, and the habits fueled by that? Why are we not using our resources to hit the real target? Suddenly creating a mass movement towards healing people internally, shouting from the rooftops that we’ve been wrong all these years? Letting the world know by finally using media for what it could be great for, for the knowledge that we have the solution already…and spreading the kind of word that could really make a massive difference in humanity, and the world we live in?
Well some of us are attempting to…I am, authors are, therapists, underdogs, the weary person next door. The book stores are filled with mind, body and soul books, the complementary therapies are growing as the world is awakening to the reality that mainsteam has not been effective enough, the world is weary…but it’s not enough yet; the educational and other ineffective mainstream systems are still overpowering all of our efforts. Perhaps despite it sounding easy it’s too much for our brainwashed minds to take in, in one go, and we do seem to love a bit of over-complication don’t we? We still like the drama and still have a need to hold on to illnesses. The run and the cycle makes us feel like heroes in the good fight, right?

I do not need to be a doctor or a scientist presenting you with the facts of my findings, because I feel it in my bones and soul. Some knowing is a natural instinct, beyond a masters or some such degree, beyond intellect and so called facts. You can know things intuitively, experientially and as a whole feeling, living, breathing being, seeing everything from an interconnected energy and karmic based perspective.
Until we let go of this insane need to explain, prove and know every single little thing with paperwork, scans and lab specimens…we can’t let go of the ‘fight’.

That is why I would rather give my money to causes that go further in, to the improvement of ourselves and our nature, the things that contribute to our bodies, lifestyles, emotions and environment being well in the long-term. Anything that re-balances and addresses the ‘dis-ease’ within us as a whole, so that eventually we can radically reduce illness and possibly not need certain industries that profit from keeping us in our sickness.

I recognise why we have the medical industry available at this time in life, when disease has gone too far, so too has the medical industry to match up to it, to counter it, to cut it out and medicate it so that we can stay alive long enough to work on the root causes, so yes everything has it’s place at some time or other, but I also see that the industry came about as a result of our self-neglect and that it’s time to see that and wake up. So I choose to not further the attention given to certain mainstream charities and to expand on the promotion of a holistic balance.

I am far from perfect, I slip up, I have much to work on, but I am conscious and I recognise when I do and why I do. I am but one person, and my beliefs may not get the world as a whole very far, but one little step, one little blog post, one little planted seed, and one little helped person at a time could make a difference. If we all did this, the world might be a very different and positive place because, well…all of us are that little person and seed.


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