An Open Letter To The Universe.

Dear Universe,

Have I ever told you I love you?

Well I do.

I know it sometimes seems like I don’t. Sometimes I really don’t appreciate you, respect you and admire you the way I should, and for that, I’m deeply sorry.

I see how you help me and I throw it in your face, just because your methods don’t always match the ideas I have of how I think it ‘should’ be.

I am grateful for the illnesses you help me create, to show me what is wrong, and that way you keep reminding me and nudging me to better my health.

I am grateful for the little quirks and imperfections of my body (imperfections according to whom?) that remind me to nurture it, to love it, to speak to it, to tend to it like a beautiful garden or a sacred temple, and to praise it…

‘Hello feet, it’s been a long time. I’m sorry you were so cooped up in those boots for so long but I was protecting you from the cold. Thanks for bearing with me, thanks for your sturdiness and support, for getting me from A-Z and for all the wonderful places and adventures you will take me to. You must a be a little weary, here, have a scrub and a massage.’

'Buddha Feet' Unknown.

‘Buddha Feet’ Unknown.

I am grateful for the restlessness you bestow upon me, like there is a firm hand flat against my back coaxing me forwards, and an urgent whisper in my ear.

‘Not this Ema’

‘Keep moving’

‘Try this’

‘Almost there…getting warmer!’

The patience you have with me on my journey is breathtaking, Universe, even when I’m kicking and screaming like a spoiled and angry child. Your sage, solid self, sits through tantrums just waiting and knowing.

I am sorry for all the times I have blocked you and your creative nature, that lives through me and all that is.

When I remember in those beautiful moments, that the earth is a little piece of you, and that I am a little piece of the earth, and that every bit of my being is a little piece of me, this sequence like Russian dolls; this perfect ripple, well it just takes my breath away.



I see the perfection, and I ask you universe, to keep reminding me of it in your infinite love and patience, because sometimes I, like all the other human beings of this earth, tend to forget.

We forget the beauty of you, shining through us, and our eyes. Shining through nature, shining through the sun, in the waves, and even bouncing off the moon.

I ask your forgiveness and I understand instantly that if I forgive myself, then you have forgiven me.

I forgive me, and so you, and so them. I wish for them to do the same for themselves, for us.

I thank you for finding and re-awakening the spark in me, to allow me to express my gratitude.

I open my arms and tilt my head back, I open my mouth with a smile. I open my lungs, I open my heart.

'Expansion' by Paige Bradley.

‘Expansion’ by Paige Bradley.

I open my soul and I ask you to move through me, in whatever form I happen to be in, always.

Thank you Universe

(The me, the you and the ALL that IS.)


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