Perfect Blank Moment.

The mind complicates, the heart and soul simplifies.

When I asked myself ‘what do I want and who do I want to be?’ my mind scrambled to find images and thoughts and ideas to answer the questions, settling on none, and then it went blank.

For a moment I didn’t even have thoughts in my head, just sound, vision; senses.

I observed the room, I listened, I smelled the leather of my notebook and incense ash, I tasted the coffee after-taste on my tongue, and I felt the keyboard under my fingers.

My 6th sense suddenly communicated. My 6th sense knew what I wanted.

I want now, now is perfect. I want to be all of me, now.

Emptied and full. Present, now.

Like a blank canvas, continuously being painted and returned back to it’s blank state over and over.

A blank canvas in a perfect blank moment.


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