Dearest Money

Dearest Money,

I’m not sure when you were born, or who created you as a concept or system. I can’t tell if it was someone who felt greedy and uptight, or someone who felt generous and innovative. I guess it’s a bit of a chicken or egg conundrum, only with the way you have been circulating, or should I say not circulating in the world, I am left to assume it began with greed until I can research it further. I’m not here for a history lesson however, I’m here to talk to you about our personal relationship.

I have been incredibly judgemental and mean towards you, money. As a kid I would hear mum, dad, family, friends and teachers say things like ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’, ‘we’re not made of money’ or that rich people are ‘posh’ and ‘greedy snobs’. I’d always hear about how expensive everything was, or about how things couldn’t be afforded. I was painfully pulled by the ear once when I forgot to switch off a light, because electricity bills were expensive, so can you blame me, money, for growing up seeing you as a bad thing?

I remember it always felt like it was bad to want things; we shouldn’t want too much. The fact that I never outright asked for things was praised, and so I learned to say that things were ‘nice’ with a little cheeky, puppy dog face, because if I was lucky I might just get them.

Don’t get me wrong, I was loved abundantly and dearly, and I was well fed and watered.  For that I am grateful and that is what has made me a loving person too, but I certainly developed some strange ideas around money, from all of the people in my life growing up, not just my parents.

We were supposed to really graft for our pennies, literally work like a dog, and we might get somewhere if we were lucky, like those lucky rich people that didn’t have to work as hard. If we wanted something secure and comfortable in life we should get a job with status, like a lawyer or a doctor. We had to have something to show for all our hard work,  a collection of ‘things’ for people to see that we were someone, like houses, cars, fancy clothes and objects, and we should upgrade them regularly to show we are doing better and better.

Are we though, doing better? Is everyone doing better really? Is their health great and are their hearts and minds well? Are they surrounded by family and friends and love?

You see, money, those are not my thoughts and values. They’ve been passed down by the many ancestors and on and on down the line to my parents, and they’ve been molded by society and peers with all the varying expectations and beliefs.

So now I’ve been left confused and pretty broke, money.

Luckily, I’ve been discovering new things, and I’ve come to realise that my self-esteem has quite an impact on how much of you I have in my life, because low self-esteem and the idea that I shouldn’t ask for too much, tends to leave me with a sense that I don’t deserve a lot.

So that means it’s actually not all about you, money.

You’re a vehicle, but you’re not the be all. You’re a manifestation of energy and desire. You’re a link, and in the wrong hands you are used and abused to create destruction. So money, let me open my heart to you now.

It’s not you that I don’t like, it’s the false ideas about you that I’ve held onto all these years. I know now that they are not mine and they are misguided. They’re not even my parents ideas really, they too have been functioning on a misguided dislike of you and what they think you represent.

I’d like to apologise, money, for not seeing you clearly. I know you could have had a wonderful time in my life if I’d known sooner and let you in. I’d like to let you in now if you’ll forgive me for all that bitching about you and shying away from you. I’d like to break down these walls to let you in if you’ll be patient with me. I officially invite you into my life, because you have every right to be there.

Guess what, money?

You sometimes really do grow on trees! You know what’s even better? You grow in hearts and minds too! It get’s even better…once you accept the invite and are no longer feared, you might as well just grow wings, because you become a great friend and help to allow all sorts of opportunities in when you’re in the right hands and loved in the right way.

Look some people actually are rich, posh snobs, but then some people are poor, inelegant arseholes. Some people are rich, posh awesome people, and some people are poor, well-presented, beautiful souls. Some are rich in love and health, while some are poor in spirit. It really isn’t you money, that makes people all of these things, it’s however they were brought up and whatever they’ve been exposed to in their lives. If their parents and peers taught them to be entitled and to treat those with less things disrespectfully, then that is a testament to their bad character, not to you money.

Bills can be expensive sometimes for those that can’t afford them, but that’s not your fault money, that’s just how those in power, controlling the economy and costs have decided to structure it.

We may not be literally made of you money, but we can certainly be attractive to you and let you flow into our lives. It’s also not bad to want a lot as I had previously thought, as long as it doesn’t consume us with greedy obsession, to the point that we are walking over others and forgetting about the bigger picture. If we are kind of heart and not hurting anyone, then there is no reason we shouldn’t have lots of things or do lots of things!

It’s fine for us to work our butts off if we enjoy it and like to be busy, but not to knock ourselves out in the pursuit of ‘having something to show’ or ‘being someone’ out of fear of lack or what people say. Work to serve a cause, work to keep busy if we must, work to live, work to thrive, but money will come however and whenever we let it come whether we are working like dogs or not. What’s more, I can be whatever I want, it’s not just lawyers and doctors that can earn well, and they don’t always end up secure or comfortable.

You know what, money? Everyone can shove their ‘status’ where the sun doesn’t shine! It doesn’t mean a thing to me! Oh what a relief to get that off my chest, because the truth is I don’t give a flying monkey whether I’m the queen or a fruit stall seller, and I don’t care what others are or who they know either. I will probably curtsy to the queen to save myself the headache of getting into over-exaggerated trouble if I’m being practical about it, but in my head I will not be thinking ‘I bow to you because you are better and higher and mightier than me’ I’ll be thinking ‘I honour you as a fellow woman and person’. The point is,  I only care what’s in someone’s heart and whether they are respectful and mindful or not. I care what makes them tick, what makes them jump up and want to get going, what they feel and how they show it.

All I want to ‘show for myself’ is a smile exuding honesty, warmth and true happiness from my heart. I love to enjoy beautiful things while they are in my presence, but once they go, they go, and I don’t care about the latest upgrade. I do care about seeing a persons joy as they tell me about their things and the twinkle in their eye as they tell me all the exciting stories, and all the things they’ll do. I just want to see their faces, in their company, partaking in their joy. The upgrades and things themselves don’t make a difference to how I feel about anything or anyone.

So money, I know you are as good as the person whose life you are sitting in. I know I am ready to embrace you and put you into enhancing projects, generous things, exciting things and the practical things too, like bills and rent, that allow me to be in a position to do more with you, and that in itself makes even the mundane exciting.

I release you money from the old ideas that I had tied you to in my head. I lighten the load and welcome you as a facilitator and a friend, so please smile with me and dance your way into my life.

You stand for positive energy now and you will be a force for good.

Money Tree from

Money Tree from


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