I’m no Mother Teresa.

I may meditate and occasionally practice yoga, but I’ll also dance like a wild lunatic to a dirty, deep beat if and when I feel like it.

I may inhale love and relaxation into my heart at midday, but I’ll also exhale grape and mint shisha in your face at midnight.

I may slice fruit & veg into a blender to create healthy smoothies, but I’ll also close my eyes in ecstasy while indulging in a chocolate fondant, lick the spoon clean and I’ll tell you it was ‘naughty as f***’ too.

I may talk to animals, trees and flowers, but I’ll talk you to where you came from if you rub me up the wrong way.

I may paint pretty pictures on a canvas to bring joy, but I’ll also let someone put a needle in my skin and scrape ink into my body to bring meaning.

I may sit cross-legged, with fingers touching, to chant ‘Ohms’ and give thanks on this day, but on that day my fingers may point at your face as I chant the expletives that best suit my mood.

I may sweat it out in an exercise or dance class, but I’ll still sit in my trampy clothes with my feet up and watch Netflix all day too.

I may write in my inspired, creative bubble on one day, but I’ll gladly sell you bananas the next.

I may give you my generous warmth and support for now, but if you are walking over me I’ll give you nothing at all then,

I’ll make the effort to look presentable and elegant, and I’ll shake your hand politely in the morning, but tonight I’ll wear rips in my jeans with my cleavage out, and I’ll squeeze you and kiss you till you can’t breathe.

I’ll cover up today, but tomorrow my flawed, imperfect, beautiful body will be out in the wind.

I’ll stay placid and neutral for now, but laugh uncontrollably later. Hell, maybe I’ll frown too.

I may be soft-spoken, quiet and introverted, but take me out, open me up, look at me like you care who I am, and I’ll shout out with you, talk incessantly and become the life and soul of the party.

My pursuit of mindfulness and happiness also means I’ll live my truth. I am no master, no guru, no mother Teresa, no perfect Zen being and nor do I want to be.

I don’t recommend it.

I recommend being aware of what your choices are, and mindful of your actions. I prefer acceptance of the truth and living from the heart and soul. If things are difficult, upsetting or go pear-shaped, there is no harm in your natural instant reaction and release, but living your truth also means allowing the transition to occur from the dark emotions into the light.

I recommend being only you from the deepest part of your self.

From Light and Dark part 2 'Angeal' - writerscafe.org

From Light and Dark part 2 ‘Angeal’ – writerscafe.org


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