What I Am Made Of.


Blue slivers and white trails

Like ribbons blown in the breeze,



The ocean ripples millions of ribbons

And I sit

Watching what I am made of.


Salt on my skin, of my skin

Water surrounds me, of me.


I am but an extension of the earth

The earth an extension of all

Who am I to destroy it,

Destroy myself?


The black deep

An upside down hole

Or a blanket abyss?


Purple candy floss floats

And glitter hovers.


A night sky that never falls

Just permeates,




The space between all

The silence in the gaps

The time vanished in sleep.


Trees my lungs

Land my flesh

Sea my blood

Streams my veins.


The moon my sultry soul

And the sun my blazing heart.



Metamorphosis Bodypainting. Painters: Leonie Gene & Joerg Duesterwald. Photography: Laila Pregizer & Uwe Schmida


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