Find Me A Tree To Climb

Find me a tree to climb

and laugh up at me

I’ll be your swinging monkey

Do you think I’ll feel free?

Light me a smoke

I’ll blow you some rings

Up into the starscape

Where blackened hearts sing.

I’ll tell you stories of those hearts

Of mind tunnels and tombs

Of souls deep and messy

I’d cover your ears if I were you.

I want a sexy life

A sensual assault

Is that not why we breathe;

Why our lungs live in revolt?

What is this bland story

These words were never mine

This so called array of choices;

Vanilla every time.

Watch me be your opposite

Yet more you than you know

If you’d dare to open the can

Watch the worms squirm and glow.

But you’ll flee won’t you?

Leave me in my tree

Is peace only found

through the dark side of me?

Feign shock and disgust

You know you’re just as bad

My antics light you up

The most fun you’ve ever had.

Find me a tree to climb

And leave me with the moon

My sole and soul companion

Maybe we’ll see you soon.

enchanted forest

Swing In The Night- VisualiseUs



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