Inner Me

I am ready to stare at inner me

Look her in the eyes and see

What I’m really made of.


A deep breath, a stumble, a stutter

A silky release; my eyelids flutter

There she is.


Blend into me, like hand in glove

Fit me inside your perfect love

There I am.


I see I have no airs and graces

Dismissive of false expressions on faces

I want your depth.


I curse like a trooper

I’m a delver and a rooter

Try me.


I’m a clean living tramp

By my fire-lit camp

I’ll dance for you.


My mind is a biter

My gut; a fighter

My heart soothes both.


As inner me escapes I am not surprised at all

I knew one day the masks would fall

Did you?


Do I make you squirm in your little bubble?

Do you hate me now for all the trouble?

It’s about time.


I don’t pull weeds till I’ve rolled in them

Become them and dissolved with them

Did you think it was all flowers?


There she is, inner me

Something I cannot unsee

Nor would I want to.


Empowered, loved and seen

I have always been

And always will be.

This is the church-alcanzarte Danza, Chile

‘This is the Church’ Dance Film, AlcanzArte Danza, Chile



















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