Paint & Pixels


I am a snapshot in time

A photograph

Capturing a minute and magnificent moment

An image

Offering only a taste of an intricate puzzle

Like a drop of water on a thirsty tongue.


I am the picture

That the artist couldn’t put into words

You had to be there

I was there in it and she captured me

In paint and pixels

I was born into the shot.


When the shutter clicked

And the brush flicked, I was captured

The artist held the picture in her hand

There I was, illusive

But there I am, time infinite

All of it happening at once.


I can’t know me

how she knows me

Until I know the whole

Until I have seen through the artist’s eyes

Until I have felt her heart pulse

At the beauty she is witness to.


Some days I’m matte, some days gloss

How will I move this static frame

While I am here?

What will I do with this moment?

How will I do justice to the real thing

While I am a snapshot in time?


Paint & Pixels

‘Camera Girl’ By George Margelis



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