Point of Power

My point of power is now.

Here, where I sit. Here in a concrete jungle, or here on an ice-capped mountain. Here in a chaotic mental vortex, or here in a peaceful hush.

Surrounded by clutter, dust, mold and webs, or by space, breeze, daisies and butterflies.

Anywhere, anytime, anyplace…is my point of power.

I radiate it, emanate it, I eat, sleep and amalgamate it.

Ultimately I often forget it.

I could be wailing in pain, lying in a muddy pit, with all I have seemingly lost to me. Yet I could in that moment choose to sit up, breathe deeply and remember who and what I am, and start all over again. The skies might open until I lie soaked to the bone, and yet within me the clouds might dissipate so the sun can shine brightly.

I can begin the sequence of remembering, and reconnecting to me. Like a seed planted in fertile soil, the more I give it water, sunlight and love, the sooner and richer it might grow.

Right here, all that is possible for me can begin unseen, until it is ready to break through the surface of metaphysics and into the manifested.

When I say enough often enough to reconfigure, I can become infused with it; a beacon of my own power.

Here where I sit, things can move over time, without my hand reaching out to touch them.

It’s ‘real time’ for a reason. The rest really is illusion; fragments and mist. Yesterday and tomorrow are smoke and mirrors.

Right now I am all I will ever be, and all I ever was.


‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’ Lao Tzu


DSC00098 (2)

Imperfect Perfection – E.Borges



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