Nostalgic Heart Longings

Lemon and cherry blossom trees against a backdrop of cerulean sky

An unkempt wilderness of weeds that others see as pests

But I see natural nutrition, God and untamed beauty

Hands wrapped around a steaming morning coffee, with its warm

Coconut milk foam hugging my top lip

These are the things I love.

Warm sun  blanketing my skin in an influx of vitamin D

As I close my eyes; pleasure engulfed

Blessed with the presence of the sun God

Candle wax dripping and pooling in its holder

Around the flickering flame of life-force

These are the moments I worship.

Soft atmospheric music, imbued with a subtle raw beat

The silence between the notes brings stillness

Sea-ripples glistening at sunset like liquid gems

My skin breathes salt, heat and life as mother moon watches over me

Ripe and mellow, pregnant with the sun’s light.

These are my nostalgic heart longings.

The tender warmth of like-souls content in the moment

A purring kitten resting on my chest

A wise and sturdy, all-knowing tree; Imposing her tough-love

The forest grandmother telling her secrets through leaf murmurs and root groans

I am stretched out upon the earth, counting stars as cicadas chirp

This is home.



Santa Cruz Sunset by Ema Borges



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