My little moments of inspiration:

‘It is a painful but powerful lesson, when you learn once and for all that you cannot reap what your neighbour has sown, and your jealousy is futile unless you channel it into acting on the lesson. If you are planting the wrong seeds to grow vegetables you don’t like to eat, you will not create what you yearn for…simple as.’

‘Love, faith and belief in yourself can be so fleeting…but remember each day that if you don’t, no one else will. Those people that treat you badly or don’t want to give you the time of day? they are just reflecting your beliefs back at you…take that in and check yourself, remember yourself…and watch people’s behaviour towards you change.’

‘Shine brightly, so those who disregard you have to shade their eyes. Be you truly, so those who judge you will drop their masks. Love fiercely, so those who reject you will feel their hearts explode.’

‘Smile at those that call you a dreamer & thank them for the complement…it’s a good marker; you are still intact & have not died inside.’


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